The film ‘We can’t come from nothing’ concentrates on the influence of family histories on contemporary personal life. How are events which took place during previous generations influential today? How to deal with family history when every trace is lost or if is kept secret? 
The viewer meets seven characters who share their individual and personal story, together they show how history results in a diversity of narratives and experiences. The film focusses on a particular part of the Jewish / Polish history.
Within ‘We can’t come from nothing’, the filmmaker also explores the possibilities  of creating the ultimate ‘talking head’ film, a film depicting people who are talking in front of the camera, to create a lively visual narration.  
Selection of festivals: 
Kassel DOKFEST (2016) (DE) / FEST, Lisboa (PT) (2016)Exhibition 'Presence / Absence / Traces', POLIN MUSEUM Warsaw, Poland (2016) / Behind the curtain, Birmingham (2015) 
*Nominated for 'Golden Key Award' at Kassel Dokfest