'The cone of silence’ is an inverted cone-shaped region immediately above the antenna of a radio beacon. Signals are imperceptible. Just before the signal disappears into ‘the cone of silence’ the volume is stronger. In the short film ‘The cone of silence’ three men are followed. They visit the sea with great regularity. Their motives are different. During the film it becomes clear that the coast is a place to be alone, reminiscing, daydreaming and longing for other worlds. Image, text and sound connect these stories about the coastal area to places elsewhere. The coast as a sanctuary, where the sound dissolves.
Selection of screenings / exhibitions: 
Exhibition in Concordia, Enschede The Netherlands (2014) 'Curta Cinema - International short film festival', Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2012) / 'Starring the sea', Scheveningen, The Netherlands (2012) / Exhibition 'Now wakes the sea', Siemens Sanat Gallery Istanbul, Turkey (2012)