In the short film ‘The captain and the boy’, a father and a son cross several times a river in a Russian winter landscape. The reason and destination of this small journey across the river is unknown. At the same time a story about a found dying bird and a dog unfolds in the film. The son asks the father several questions concerning the bird and the river, the father calmly answers him. Towards the end the images of the river and the conversation between the father and sun come together and it turns out that the river could have a deeper meaning.   The film consist out of moving images, animation and still images and is shot in color and black and white.
Selection of screenings: Experimental Film Festival portland', International competition, Portland (USA), 'Go Short, international short film festival', Dutch and European competition, Nijmegen (NL) 'Uitkijk goes short', Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 'The Visionary', exhibition in Concordia (Art house cinema), Enschede (NL), Exhibition 'Forests', Das Spectrum, Utrecht (NL)