Two friends, Sapa and Hija, re-enact and re-tell short anecdotes of their lives. Coming from another country to The Netherlands, there is a quest for belonging and the (im)possibility to completely feel at home and relate to the world outside the apartment. The starting point of this film was an encounter with Sapa, who chose his friend Hija as his interlocutor in the process of making this film. Extensive interviews with Sapa and Hija, acting exercises and spending the Sundays together, resulted in this short film and in a new friendship.
Selection of festivals: 
Berlinale, Berlin (DE) (2017)  / Cinema du Reel, Centre Pompidou, Paris (FR) (2017) / New York Film Festival, Lincoln Center (USA) (2017) /
 European competition, 'Go Short', Nijmegen, The Netherlands (2017) / International competition, 'VideoEx', Zurich, Switzerland (2017)
*Shortlisted for a 'Golden Kalf' Award at The Netherlands Film Festival (2017)
The Brick House is distributed by Eye Experimental